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Academic Research in Libraries and Archives

This is Figure 1 from the academic paper "Unveiling Seshat: New Insights into the Stretching of the Cord Ceremony." The authors believe Seshat's headdress may be related to a funerary object. A benefit of discovering these research papers is that they often have images that help tell another piece of Seshat's story.


 You Can Click on the Titles to Take a Look


Sheshat and the Pharaoh  by G. A. Wainwright 



Seshat's nš-Shrine  by G. A. Wainwright 



The House of Life by Alan H. Gardiner



The Scenes of Sefkhet-Abwy at The Temples by Noha Mohamed Hafez



Unveiling Seshat: New Insights into the Stretching of the Cord Ceremony by J. Belmonte, Miguel Ángel Molinero Polo, Noemi Miranda



A New Investigation Of The Symbol Of Ancient Egyptian Goddess Seshat by D. Magdolen



The Development Of The Sign Of The Ancient Egyptian Goddess Seshat Down To The End Of The Old Kingdom: Analysis And Interpretation, Part One, Two, and Three. By D. Magdolen



On the Scenes of the King Receiving the Sed-Fests in the Theban Temples of the Ramesside Period by Salvador Costa