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She of Many Names and Titles

Seshat is known by many names that describe her various divine and scribal duties. Here are some of the ways you may find her mentioned and some of the ways in which her sacred name is invoked. These were gathered from many sources, which are listed in the Bibliography.


She is Also Called:








Safekh-Aabut (Meaning "She of two horns")


Goddess of Writing


·         Female Scribe 

·         She Who Scrivens 

·         She Who Writes 

·         Goddess of Scribes 

·         Goddess of Writing 

·         Goddess of the Written Word

·         Inventor of Writing 

·         Patron of Writing 

·         Lady of Writing

·         Lady of Letters 

·         She Who is the Scribe 

·         She Who Scribes 


Goddess of Books and Libraries


·         Foremost of the House of Life

          Goddess of Literature

·         Keeper of the Books 

·         Patron Goddess of Libraries

·         Lady of the House of Books

·         Mistress of the House of Books 

·         Mistress of the Books 

·         Chief of the Library 

·         Celestial Librarian

·         Patron of Librarians

·         She who is Foremost in the Library

·         The Great One


Goddess of Numbers


·         Lady of Numbers 

·         The Lady of Ledgers 


Goddess of Architects


·         Mistress of Builders

·         Patroness of Construction

·         Mistress of the House of Architects 

·         Foremost of Builders


She was also sometimes called, "Friend of the dead in the afterlife." This is because she would write of the glories and deeds of those who have passed over.


Not all of her titles and names relate specifically to public history, but when we look at some of the divine "jobs" that have been attributed to her, professions that fall under the umbrella of public history come to mind.