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Seshat House of Life Meditation

I would like to offer a meditation to honor Seshat.


She did not have her own temple and did not have her own cult, but she was beloved by many and beloved by scribes and royalty. And she is now coming back to our contemporary world to help modern scribes to absorb wisdom, bring forth wisdom, and inscribe it in sacred books.


Her history shows us that the preservation of spiritual knowledge is a key to the future. Learning from the ancients helps us grow and evolve. One of the most important things for any of us on the spiritual path is to learn. And so much of our spiritual learning comes from cultures that are long gone.


But perhaps they aren't really gone. They live on in literature, temple carvings, statues, and antiquities that tell us stories from the past that somehow have relevance for us today.


This wisdom is always available to us, just like the library that Seshat keeps in the heavens. And she is always available to us as a wonderful, supportive cosmic guide or presence that surrounds us. Remember, she also lives in the star that brought writing and other skills to the people of ancient Egypt.


Take a moment to create a temple for her in your mind.


Let it be a temple that really looks like something that you would like to be in.


Let's call it Seshat's House of Life.


Close your eyes.


Begin grounding yourself by paying attention to what is happening in your body and bringing your focus to your feet. Feel them firmly on the ground and connecting you to the power of the earth. Wiggle your toes and lift one foot at a time to reestablish your connection to walking with awareness. Bringing the focus from the mind to the body can help you stay rooted in the present moment. Ground your energy into Mother Earth and root yourself like a tree. Then imagine, or physically allow, your arms to rise up to the star goddess, ready to receive. Center yourself in any way that is comfortable and creates a sacred environment for you.


Imagine that you have been given a key to a beautiful, sacred temple called the House of Life and the deity there to greet you and work with you is Seshat.


Use your key to enter a doorway, a sacred doorway into a place so rich with history. It is filled with:


·         Books from all ages, in all forms.

·         Artifacts, large and small.

·         History from every moment in time that ever was and ever will be.

·         Sacred knowledge, secrets, and wisdom.

·         All you could possibly want to access from the ancient and the modern world.

·         Seats with desks and magical writing tools.

·         People, scribes, and divine beings that are studying, researching, teaching, and conducting ceremonies.


It is a combination library, museum, archive, cosmic database, and classroom, and it's filled to the brim, but it is organized in sections the way a book store may organize different kinds of books.


Seshat invites you to become part of her scribe school. Look around and see what part of the House of Life seems to be calling to you. Is it the goddess section, the history section, mythology, psychology, or perhaps religion? Is there a particular tradition that seems to beckon to you? Is there a particular culture or point in time that seems to resonate with your soul?


Allow your heart to lead you to the area of expertise that is your destiny.


When this area of expertise makes itself known to you, walk over to that part of the House of Life and take your seat in the scribal school designated for that area.


All the tools you need are there, both ancient and modern. Hold out your hand so that the tool you need comes to you.


·         Make a note of the tools that you're using.

·         Which ones come into your hand as you're ready to write?

·         See yourself beginning a story.

·         Do you have a sense of what it is?

·         Is it something that feels familiar?

·         Or is it new?

·         Do you think there's research that you'll have to do?


A magical papyrus appears on your desk. Using the writing tools that flowed into your hand, take some notes about the story you are meant to share of the book that you are meant to write. Do this energetically, imprinting all you need to know into this sacred writing paper. (Or keep a piece of paper handy and take some quick notes.)


Then look around the room and notice the vast unending library that is at your disposal.


·         Can you see the section where you're going to find your research books?

·         Can you see the place that seems to have an array of information and insight that is going to help you write your book?

·         Walk over to that spot as if you're in a bookstore.

·         Find your section.

·         Can you get a sense of what it is?


Take a moment to truly know which section of the great vast library you belong in. Take a moment to let the genre you will write in come to mind. Once you feel it in your heart, allow your hands to reach up to the shelf. Your book is already there. It sits among books throughout history that are going to inspire you and help you on your writing journey.


Press your hands against the binding of the book that is yours. The binding has your name on it. It may even have a title. Ask Seshat to help you bring it through your being and into the world, where it will help others.

Then touch your hand to your heart, your throat, and the top of your head, blessing yourself as you imagine your book is already written and living inside you.


Pause and take it all in.


Then look again at all the wisdom that is available to you in your section. Book after book. Ask Seshat to fill you with the power of those books. Let it run up your arm and into your system, filling you with light and wisdom and insight and knowledge. Allow it to flow into you and to nurture you and feed you. This is the wisdom from the divine that is being imparted to you.


Stand in stillness to allow the transformation to begin. It is time to graduate from scribal school and get ready to be a scribe.


Seshat comes over to you and shakes your hand. She lovingly places a sacred star similar to hers on your head, like a magical antenna. This is how she will continue to communicate with you.

Thank her for the star and for inviting you to scribal school.


Thank her for showing you the genre that is going to be most important to you.


Thank the other scribes and teachers and divine beings who are there studying, and know that you are now connected to the great resource of her heavenly library.


Look at her and see if she has a special message for you. Listen, and then thank her again. As you get ready to leave, recognize that you have entered the world that she has created for all writers, and it is available to you for all time. Feel it in your heart.


Express your gratitude, take a deep breath. And know that when you come back to normal consciousness, you will be filled with all the ancient wisdom you need to get started on your book.


You have the key. You can always return to the House of Life, to the house of the goddess of writing, to the house of the goddess of libraries.


She is always there to help you do your research, call forth wisdom from all parts of history, and write your books.


And so, it is. We thank you. Now, take a deep breath, just start to move. Open your eyes when you're ready. Just feel your feet really grounded and know that you are also connected to the star goddess, the writing goddess, and the seven-pointed star of Seshat in the sky that always connects you to your own wisdom and knowledge.


And so, it is.


Parting Devotion to Seshat


Thank you, Dearest Divine Scribe, Seshat!

I am ready to move forward into the world as an author.

I welcome you as Muse and partner on this journey.


May I be a channel for your wisdom and kindness?

And may you bless my words,

So that they touch the lives of others.


I dedicate myself as:




So it is written, so it is done.

May the entire world be blessed, hereby, by those who write.